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Potassium Fluorotitanate

Potassium Fluorotitanate in Tradeasia


dipotassium; titanium(4+); hexafluoride

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Basic Info


White Powder

Common Names

Titanium potassium hexafluoride, Dipotassium hexafluorotitanate


1000 @ 25 kg PP woven bag inside PE liner, 25MT

Brief Overview
Potassium Fluorotitanate (or Dipotassium Hexafluorotitanate) is a white colored inorganic powder. It is a water-insoluble Titanium source that is widely used in oxygen-sensitive applications such as metal production.

Manufacturing Process
Titanium ferrum powder is first added into a reaction furnace along with Hydrogen Fluoride and Peroxide Solution. This combination and reaction results in the production of Hydrogen Fluorotitanate. This is then filtered and allowed to cool, after which Potassium Chloride is added to produce Potassium fluorotitanate (K2TiF6). After this, small amounts of Potassium Carbonate are added in order to adjust the pH. Finally, the pure product Potassium Fluorotitanate is filtered and dried, after which it is sent for further processing such as crushing, grinding, and packaging in order to meet customer requirements.  

Potassium Fluorotitanate is used as a catalyst for the production of Polypropylene.

Leather and Textile Industries
It is utilized as a mordant in textile and leather industries.

Metal Industries
Potassium fluorotitanate is a Titanium antecedent and is widely used in metal processing. It is used in manufacturing of aluminum - titanium – boron alloys and serves as a chemical additive in aluminum processing.

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